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Homicide (Murder) and Other Violent Crimes Cleanup

The taking of a life by another human leave families traumatized and victimized. The remaining family is often overwhelmed with emotions and grief. Just dealing with a loss of a loved one is difficult. The additional burdens associated with violent crimes include dealing with media and police in addition to the other tasks associated with a death. Funeral arrangements, life insurance, contacting family and friends and locating wills are only some of the
items that can quickly overwhelm a family. 24 Hour Crime Scene Cleaners can help remove one burden; the burden of dealing with the gruesome physical aftermath of blood and body fluids. Because this is the only type of service we provide, we have experience to respond with sensitivity while maintaining our objectivity to begin the restoration process.


Self Inflicted Death or Attempts (Suicide) Cleanup

The taking of one’s own life (or the attempt) can be very difficult to understand. This confusion coupled with a death quickly overwhelms family and friends. We work as discreetly as possible to protect the confidentiality of the victim and family. The aftermath of firearms (handguns, rifles and shotguns) are disturbing and leave scenes that no one should ever have to witness. These scenes can be ghastly, resulting in family and friends experiencing additional
emotional trauma such as Critical Incident Stress Syndrome. Being forced to suicide clean up of the body fluids and other biological debris can emotionally scar individuals. It is important to use trained professionals to deal with these situations.


Unattended Death Cleanup

After a death, nature begins the process of returning our physical being to its simplest form, hence the term "ashes to ashes". This process begins immediately and begins to show the characteristic signs of biological decomposition within as little as a day. Biological fluids begin to seep from the body. These fluids are loaded with proteins which are a food source for bacteria, insects and mold. As these fluids are exposed to the atmosphere, the ʻdeath’ odor is emitted to continue to attract additional bacteria and insects to accelerate the process. The aftermath of this process can overload the both visual and olfactory (nasal) senses. Additionally, the scene can be dangerous due to the bloodborne pathogens, bacteria and mold spores. Most people understand the risks of exposure to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis but other risks are associated with these scenes. Exposure to these scenes may result in flu-like illness or attacks on the respiratory system. These scenes are better left to professionals that specialize in blood and
biological fluid recovery utilizing personal protective equipment and approved procedures.


Automobile/Vehicle Blood Cleanup

We find that violent activities such as shootings, self inflicted wounds and stabbings often occur inside cars and trucks. Unattended deaths inside a vehicle can be a gruesome sight. Due to environmental factors, biological decomposition is often accelerated inside a vehicle resulting in a large volume of body
fluids being released. Proper recovery of all the fluids and sanitizing the vehicle are key to restoring the vehicle to a usable state.



Accidents and Injuries Cleanup

Just because someone survived an injury or accident does not mean that the aftermath is any less tragic. Industrial accidents can be a traumatic personal experience for co-workers. Besides the potential emotional scarring of cleaning up after a co-worker, friend or family member, retrieval of body fluids by janitorial staffs (even those with bloodborne pathogen training) can quickly mount into more than the untrained professional can safely handle. Critical
Incident Stress Syndrome (C.I.S.S.) is a very real threat to the well being of persons that try to deal with these situations.


Hoarding / Distressed Properties / Filth Cleanup

24 Hour Crime Scene Cleaners has been helping families and friends recover properties that have been neglected for various reasons. This category of cleanup is more common than most believe. We routinely work discreetly with families and friends of people who have been unable to take care of their property due to physical or mental limitations. Often, garbage, trash and other items with little obvious value accumulates to the point that renders the premises unsafe. Besides the fire hazard, odors, and issues with just walking through the home, bacteria colony, insect and/or rodent infestation
occurs requiring a trained professional to safely remove the excess and salvage those items that have value. Professionals need to wear appropriate personal protective clothing and respiratory protection during these cleanups to avoid exposure to such hazards as bacteria, Hanta virus, histoplasmosis, staph viruses including MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and E. coli just to name a few. 24 Hour Crime Scene Cleaners can aid in not only
performing the disposal of the materials deemed not salvageable, but will also sanitize, clean and deodorize to help protect the property value.


Tear Gas Remediation

Sometimes law enforcement is forced to use irritant and chemicals to ʻpursuade’ individuals out of a situation. Remediation of a home or business following pepper spray (capsaicin) or tear gas (typically CN – chloroacetophenone, CS - ortho-chlorobenzylidenemalononitrile or CR - dibenz (b,f)-1,4-oxazepine) use requires a specially trained professional to be able to safely rid the premises of the aftermath. Without proper remediation, entry into the
premises is nearly impossible. Inadequate remediation by groups that are not adequately trained results in long term exposure to these irritating substances that can cause rashes and respiratory