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By providing the highest degree of crime scene cleanup industry standards we have become the choice for families, police, and business around the country that have a biohazard or death at their property. We provide solutions to our clients, working only with the highest quality cleaners in the business we operate 24 hours a day and have service territories throughout the country.

When the police contract us, or a family has call in due to the loss of life of a loved one, we understand that time is of the essence. We understand that the faster the home can be cleaned and the biohazard or death cleanup is completed is important. By creating our nationwide business crime scene cleanup took a new path providing customers service in most cases under 2-3 hours. This is some of the fastest response time in the business of blood cleanup or after death cleaning. All calls to our firm are answers 24 hours a day and always by a licensed representative of the company and not by a third party or answering service like many other companies may do.

Certified Crime Scene Cleanup

We also understand that having a suicide, homicide, or unattended death can be a very emotional time and have extremely well trained and compassionate employees. You are never rushed and always your matter is handled discreetly. Many other crime scene cleanup business will have articles online and on Television shows about crime scene cleanup explaining their clients situations. Our practices and standards plainly state that will never do this. Our service is just that, a service to you, and we are here to help you not ourselves. We go above and beyond by working with your insurance company and have great success in assisting families get insurance help.

Experience is comfortable but it can also help with costs for crime scene cleanup. By using experienced crime scene cleaners like our service can do for you, a person can expect to save. We know what to do when we come in contact with a death cleanup and so there is no hesitation in beginning the work. With our certified crime scene clean up crews we have the right manpower too. By getting the right number of people to the house to clean up the blood, having them rightly trained, and by being able to get to the cleanup right away we are obviously the right choice.

If you area dealing with the tragedy needing a suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, or any other form of death cleanup we want to show you how we can help. Call the most helpful people in cleaning up after a death and speak with a certified crime scene cleanup professional, call now 1.888.629.1222

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Suicide cleanup

In a suicide or any self inflicted loss of life we are traumatized. In many cases a suicide is done by hand gun or rife and with a bullet entry/exit there is usually a large amount of blood spill, as well due to the impact of the bullet there is also blood splatter. Although this is a traumatic event the blood that is left at the property has to be cleaned up. We provide a full service bio-wash and disinfectant solution to remove the biohazard left behind from the suicide. The room will be returned to you in a safe condition and fully decontaminated from the possible infection of disease.

Unattended death cleanup | Decomposed body cleanup

With a unattended death, we usually are faced with a deterioration of the body that we constitute as decomposed body cleanup. When a body is left unattended in a house, after rigor mortis sets in, the body will begin to bloat. This is the filling up of the body from fluids of the inside decomposing and gassing up, wreaking havoc on the inside of the deceased, until in eventually begins to seep out of the dead body. With a death cleanup we take into consideration everything involved from the blood clean up and decomposed body tissue, to also making sure our crime scene cleaners check not just the surface flooring but go above and beyond by making sure the sub flooring is not affected either. All aspects are fully decontaminated, sanitized, and washed until the room is disease and bacteria fee and safe for human life again.

Blood cleanup

Working in the crime scene cleanup business means you will work with blood. With several C.D.C., Center for Disease Control; concerns about blood borne pathogens, it is very important to know the serious possibility of infection of a disease when cleaning up blood. When someone asks us how can I clean up blood myself, we immediately advise against this. This risks in blood cleanup are not over exaggerated, you need look no further then hospitals workers infection rates to see that people trying to do good work or be helpful can be caught in harms way. In any case of blood spill by accident or blood from a death at the home, you must be aware that if you are not licensed in crime scene cleanup you should probably avoid the situation or risk possible health problems from the contaminated scene. Our cleaning company is ready to assist you with this and can get someone over to meet you at the house in just a few hours or less.