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Accident & Blood Cleanup Service

An accident scene cleanup is one of our most common calls. We understand that a trauma cleanup involving an accident can range from severe blood loss needing cleaned to actual death from a large impact. Our technicians are caring professionals who are properly licensed and well trained to deliver complete competency and to the most efficient service you can use.

Vehicle blood cleanup is the most common call we receive in this area. In many cases the traumatic event will leave blood and bodily fluids throughout the vehicle, this if left alone can be very harmful to exposure without the property equipment and know how as well as good procedures used to remediate the vehicle blood cleanup.

Every 6 seconds in the United States a vehicle accident occurs. In many cases there is no blood or bodily fluids. However if you have experienced a situation in which an accident clean up is needed no matter how severe, we encourage you to contact our 24 hour crime scene cleanup company's response center at 1-888-477-0015. We hope our assistants help you in your time of need.