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Crime Scene Cleanup

When a family member or business has experience a death on there property whether it be due to a crime or natural death it is defined as a crime scene clean up by industry professionals. The term came about in the 80's when the majority of calls were from homicide, murder, and suicide clean up calls, however the industry has expanded to deal with all types of death related cleaning needs encompassed as crime scene cleanup, and in addition to this companies like ours are also helping assist in hoarding, feces cleanup, tear gas cleanup, and odor removal.

Typically we suggest crime scene cleanup, if you are dealing with a death cleanup, a dirty job where you are not sure who to call, or anything dealing with a burglary or bio hazardous issue, you should call us. Our highly trained staff will walk you step by step on what to do to clean up the scene and how our hazmat cleaner will take your property and bring it back to a normal safe condition.

Crime Scene Clean up Continued

Our licensed crime scene clean up professionals will provide you will all needed licensing information, as well as how the waste is being disposed of and verify that you are meeting all your requirements for crime scene cleanup. Our staff is ready to serve you and your need for help, 24 hours a day. Please take the step towards contacting us as soon as you are aware of a death on your property. The sooner our crews can be sent to the property from the time of death the lower the overall costs involved in crime scene cleanup may be.

Please call today 1.888.629.1222

If your property has had a suicide, homicide, natural death, unattended death, accident, and you or your place of business need our cleanup team to assist in the remediation and making safe for future humans without risk of exposure then please call us today at 1.888-629.1222.